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Food at The Meghna Tandoori Restaurant

The food at the Meghna Tandoori is prepared by or under the personal direction of the owner, who is also a chef with over 21 years experience. We believe that no matter how expert the chef, the very best food can only be created using the very best ingredients. All of our dishes are freshly prepared using quality ingredients, herbs and spices.

Our menu offers a wide range of dishes, from mild Kurma to a fiery Phal - for very serious curry eaters only! Our chef has also produced our own specialities - exclusive to the Meghna Tandoori. If your favourite meal is not included on out menu just let us know and we will do our best to prepare it for you.

Awards - Meghna Tandoori

The Meghna Tandoori Restaurant

We have worked hard to make the Maghna Tandoori restaurant a place that combines comfort with a relaxed, informal atmosphere, suitable for any occasion. Attentive yet friendly staff will ensure that your meal is a complete dining experience.

To book your table please call 0175 352 1674